Quality Policy


RAMS&E is an Engineering Company that works to ensure the sustainability of production and service activities, offering qualified consulting services in the fields of Safety, Environmental Protection and production efficiency. It operates in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, with a particular focus on energy, oil & gas and transport systems.

The Quality Policy (PQ) constitutes the guiding element that unites, in the execution of their work, all the staff and external suppliers involved in the realization of the product / service. The PQ is defined, approved, kept updated and kept by the Sole Director who distributes it to interested parties.

RAMS&E recognizes as its main goal the constant increase of the satisfaction of its Customers through the involvement of its entire organization. RAMS&E intends to promote the continuous improvement of its products / services, in order to achieve complete alignment of its offer to the Customer’s needs, through the application of the following principles:

  1. Pursue Customer satisfaction as a company evaluation criterion, through the definition and improvement of the Customer satisfaction monitoring process,
  2. Pursue the enhancement of personnel through their involvement, motivation and training,
  3. Ensure compliance with all regulations applicable to the services provided, including the requirements deriving from agreements with Customers and other stakeholders,
  4. Measure company performance in order to provide evidence of the Integrated Management System effectiveness in achieving the Customer’s needs with respect to products / services,
  5. Check the standard of products / services with respect to the evolution of scientific research in the sector and related ones in order to promote the growth of RAMS&E and be a stimulus for growth for its Customers.

As part of the general objective set out above, the Personnel strives for an effective and widespread internal quality control, therefore capable of improving the production system and of dosing in a balanced way the use of technical and financial resources. The entire company structure is involved in paying attention to the Customer, so that his requests are defined, managed and satisfied.

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