Workers’ Health and Safety and Environmental Protection policy


RAMS&E is an Engineering Company that works to ensure the sustainability of production and service activities, offering qualified consulting services in the fields of Safety, Environmental Protection and production efficiency. It operates in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, with a particular focus on energy, oil & gas and transport systems.

During the performance of its activities, RAMS&E is committed to guarantee the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases of its employees and of all personnel operating under its control, as well as the prevention of environmental impacts deriving from the activities of the Company. The commitment of RAMS&E in this direction is aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of its performance in the field of Health and Safety and Environment.

For these reasons RAMS&E intends to:

  • Comply with applicable laws and other regulations that RAMS&E underwrites, for example in the context of contracts with its customers, and which concern workers’ Health and Safety and Environmental Protection.
  • Minimize the environmental impact deriving from office activities and transfers.
  • Act on Safety and environmental aspects on which, although not having direct control, it can exert influence, promoting solutions aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the projects it works on.
  • Stimulate its staff to safe, environmentally friendly behavior in all work and non-work activities.

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