Masters and dissemination initiatives


RAMS&E collaborates with various universities (Polytechnic of Turin, University of Pisa, University of Bologna, SUPSI) in the definition and delivery of technical contents for University Masters.

It also participates with its consultants in conferences and seminars at events involving professionals who work on or use our types of engineering services.

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RAMS&E puts its expertise and experience at disposal by collaborating on University Masters and intervening with its experts at conferences and informative events because it believes that the dissemination of approaches, engineering methods and techniques can create widespread knowledge and technical maturity as the basis for innovating and growing.


Master in Industrial Engineering and Operations (5 editions from 2015; latest edition 2019-2020)



Preparing specialists able to integrate and extend to a broader scenario the skills that are traditionally covered by:

    • RAMS Engineer
    • Maintenance engineer
    • Industrial Process Engineer
    • Facility Manager
    • Quality Manager
    • Project manager

Industrial Engineering and Operations refers to all designing, implementation and management activities within a company. Therefore, technical and management activities are contemplated, as RAMS analysis, Risk Management, Operations Management (production or delivery from services), Maintenance Management, Quality Management, Security Management, in order to provide short-term and long-term efficiency and sustainability criteria and approaches.

The Master course was designed based on the main needs expressed by large and medium-sized companies in several years of collaboration between SUPSI and RAMS&E and provided for the participation of candidates in conjunction with a Sponsor Company for carrying out a Project Work.



The training program lasted 12 months for a total of 1740 hours and 60 academic credits.

Attendance at the courses has foreseen classroom lessons for one week a month. In the remaining 3 weeks, each participant attended the Company, dedicating to the development of a project chosen by the Company with the support of a business tutor and an academic tutor.

The teaching methodology was strongly oriented to “training on the job” to ensure the practical application of the technical contents provided in carrying out the Project Work. Participation to the Master was essentially reserved for 1st or 2nd level Engineering graduates selected by the Sponsor Companies, or employees of the Companies themselves.

RAMS&E, as a member of the scientific committee, designed the contents with SUPSI and provided teachers and consultants for the delivery of approximately 50% of the total number of lesson hours and for the role of Academic Tutor on approximately 50% of the project Works.

In the five editions, over 60 participants have achieved the title of Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Industrial Engineering and Operations issued by SUPSI. They were then hired in sponsor Companies and in leading Italian and international industrial groups (100% of occupation after 2 months from the end of each edition).

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