Courses proposed for the registration of several companies and professionals


RAMS&E offers multi-company enrollment courses  on issues for which it is intended to encourage interaction between several industrial sectors

The NEWS section shows the scheduled initiatives.


The courses have the same characteristics as the numerous training initiatives held over the years for various national and international companies with which RAMS&E cooperated: qualified and experienced teachers, rigorous theoretical discussion, plenty of references and practical applications, clear and comprehensive teaching material.

Extremely interesting cost per person for organizations that do not require content personalization and need to train few resources.

General satisfaction index of training provided from 2018 to 2020, for this type of course, equal to 4.56, on a scale of 1 to 5.


RAMS analysis: basic theory and techniques (18 hours of teaching, 10 hours in synchronous and 8 hours in asynchronous).



Remote delivery ensuring effective learning and usability for workers and professionals through asynchronous parts.



The structure and organization of the course followed the most advanced approach of blended teaching (a teaching that combines the possibility of a more autonomous management of the use of contents with the need for interaction with the teacher, essential to guide and support learning), named flipped class approach. The contents were provided through 4 video-lessons of about 2 hours each, a learning test and an exercise.

To these 8 hours of asynchronous teaching (independently followed by the participant) 10 hours of synchronous teaching were added (5 times 2-hour appointments, each via video-conference) during which the application parts were studied, and an exercise was conducted in small groups of 3-4 people in order to ensure effective interaction with the teacher.

The groups were created on the basis of the initial test conducted during the first synchronous meeting. The course ended with a final test and the issue of a certificate of participation.

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