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RAMS&E has been operating since 1997 both nationally and internationally.

RAMS&E is an engineering company that offers consulting and technical training services in the following fields:

  • Process safety
  • Industrial risk assessment
  • Legislative compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 105/2015 (Seveso)
  • Environmental authorization procedures according to Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006
  • Environmental and acoustic monitoring
  • Functional safety according to IEC-EN 61508 / 61511 and derived standards
  • Maintenance engineering


Our values

Our enthusiasm at your side

Our interest and priority is to protect your business starting from the safety and health of people and the environmental sustainability

We believe that a skill is valuable if it is continuously fueled by innovation, enthusiasm and interest in sharing strategic results with our customers

We operate on various industrial sectors and on transport systems with a deep aptitude to permeate techniques and knowledge from one sector to another, for constant improvement

Our professionalism aims at accurate analyses and at technical training on specialized issues


What sets us apart is our ability to adapt. This has allowed us to grow, innovate and expand into multiple market sectors

Enthusiasm and teamwork

Enthusiasm and result-orientation make us a winning team. People are the true value of our company, with their knowledge and analytical skills

R&S activities

We aim at the transfer of skills between the various sectors through internal R&D activities and in partnership with prime companies and research centers


One of the cornerstones of RAMS&E is continuous training, both internal for our collaborators and external for companies and professionals, providing advanced technical training courses on subjects for which RAMS&E is specialized


Multisector Organization

Our organization includes 5 technical sectors supervised by technical managers and coordinated by 2 technical directors, for an accurate control over the quality of our works

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Tel: +39 011 2258621

Email: ramse@ramse.it

Quality policies & Certifications

Quality Policy

ISO 9001-2015

OHS Policy